Professional, Experienced Marine Logistic and Crewboat Transportation Services

Starfleet Marine Transportation, Inc. operates offshore marine crew and supply vessels that serve the oceans in support of energy production and exploration. The Company owns and operates a growing fleet of crew and fast supply vessels for the shelf and deepwater markets.

Starfleet Marine Transportation, Inc. was formed in 1995 by the Company President, Mr. Stuart Reeves to assist in the expansion of the marine transportation industry throughout the Gulf of Mexico. With over thirty years experience in working with the United States Coast Guard certified passenger vessels throughout the world;

Mr. Reeves focused on the need for additional marine passenger supply service to the energy sector.

Starfleet Marine Transportation, Inc. has been contracted by many energy companies and vessel brokers over the years throughout the world to transport and support their personnel and supplies offshore. We have an extensive safety and performance record which is valued by our customers. We are dedicated to the industry, and we employ qualified and safety minded personnel. We are committed to a high level of safety and customer service.

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